The Created Order

From the beginning of time, God, in His sovereign wisdom, created order out of chaos ( תֹ֙הוּ֙ Gen 1:2). Out of this chaos, He formed a creation that was a reflection of His immutable nature, and this creation was beautiful and good. In spite of this goodness, creation descended into a state of chaos; the heavenly beings and humanity conspired against the Most High. Mankind, which had been given charge of the earth, had betrayed the Most High. God cursed mankind and cast him out, and the earth that mankind had been given charge fell into disarray. Yet even this betrayal could not thwart God’s sovereign decree: “Let there be light”. He loved the creation which He had made, and would not see it condemned to an eternity of desolation and waste. Through His prophets, the Creator would show humanity the way back from the chaos. The Torah, the Prophets, and the Apostles all attest to the creative work which God is doing in mankind to return their hearts and minds from chaos into His order. One day, as it is written, all of heaven and earth will see the fullness of His glorious plan of redemption from chaos to order, as God Himself resides over them as King and Priest. The Created Order is a collection of theological and intellectual writings intending to make an account for the Creator and His relationship to mankind.

Shalom to you, I’m Jeff Young.

I’m a passionate writer and student of the Scriptures. I currently serve as Co-Pastor at Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship. I’m immensely curious about the Ancient Near East and its ideologies, however my true passion lies in discipleship and day to day issues. I’m currently studying Christian Leadership at Liberty University.

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